Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Tightrope Runner

It is a well know fact that altitude and my nerve are strangers. The prospect of dangling high in the air with no ability to maneuver to safety is not my idea of getting in touch with my inner self.

Sheila is well aware of my psychosis and receives great pleasure in pushing me away from my comfort zone. I suspect she views it as awakening my soul and forcing me to face my own mortality. 

So reluctantly, upward I travel with her as my companion, perched on the edge of cliffs, dangling from a teethered parasail line, riding in a hot air balloon or any number of situations that my lovely bride believes will loosen my grip on my inner fears.

I dislike thinking of my mortality and my soul enjoys the slumbering peace of solid, flat earth. However, I have to admit, my heart does beat quicker and my blood does rush more intently when I step away from guiding my own ship.

My greatest moments are those shared with her, teetering on the edge of life, sharing the struggles and triumphs that come to everyones life. I have learned to give up control and let the wind blow us along, breathing life into our lungs. What joy!