Friday, February 11, 2011

Ice Road Runner

Most days are good days to run. I usually run regardless of weather conditions. I have complete control of the effort I make and distance I run, but no control of the weather conditions. So, I  dress for the ocassion and head out the door.

The soft powdery snow with large dry snowflakes tumbling from the sky is my favorite time to run. A wintery combination that I rarely experience living in Texas. Generally, we have ice instead of snow. Cold, hard ice that lie clear on the streets and paths awaiting the overconfident traveler's brief lapse on focus.

The winter of 2011 has been the coldest, icy mess in my memory.  Long periods of sub-freezing temperatures, slick roads and frequent school closings have caused the runners in this state to cautiously stay indoors to run on treadmills.  I have a treadmill, but, it serves the family more as an automated slide for the grandkids than a functioning workout machine.

Frankly I find the treadmill to be not worth the effort.  I run for the pure fun of running, and treadmilling removes the fun and leaves you with statistical nonsense that only weighs you down.  Each step records speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned as efficiently as my car records its data.  But the excitement of running, like the thrill of the road in a car, is left behind in the numbers displayed and recorded on the screen.

I prefer the slippery road and the plunging temperatures found outdoors. The freedom that running offers is never found in the confines of a room or on the controlled path of the treadmill.  Freedom is located in the spaces God has provided in the weather that brings the beautiful pallette of colors we enjoy on this planets canvas each day.  So, off I go once again into the cold icy day that God has granted to me. One more run to honor His work.