Sunday, February 13, 2011

Running Toward God

There comes a final day in the life of everyone.  The day that our journey on this planet comes to an end and the memories of our time on Earth begin to fade from history.  In a mere hundred years after that final day, the vast majority of those who end their journey will all but be forgotten.  Time passes unhindered by the desires of life.

Although I can not rerun the trails of days gone by, each rising of the Sun  presents new pathways for my chosing as I near my final destination.  Mistakes I have made on the previous road can not be changed.  Past successes are merely memories of good days on the road. What truly matters is how I live continuing the rest of the run.  So, what makes life meaningful?  What lies ahead toward that final day of life? How will my Race of Life approach that finish line?

It is in my interest and ultimately the interest of others to find a purpose in life. For in identifying that purpose, I am able to follow that path set for me by God and be embraced by Him at the end of the race.

I have learned over the many years that my own heart, my own mind and my unique soul is the most important temple along the way.  The doctrine of compassion is the one true principal of God. In fact, God desires us to live our lives through the principal of compassion.  It is our mission to treat others with the same love, joy and respect as we would wish upon ourselves.  Not only in a community of churches ruled by tenets and laws set down by the groups of worshippers, but in our hearts as we travel along our unique journey each day until the end.

Our actions preach the sermons of our heart to the multitudes of people we encounter throughout our lifetimes.  Love of others draws souls toward the community of God. Who is God? God is Love. the spirit of Love that travels from one human being to another binding them together into a community of compassionate people.

The keys to the Kingdom of God open the door of pure love of one another. Love that wishes happiness and joy to the souls that share our space and time on this planet. Love that holds each other up when the pains of disappointment and illness are encountered on the path of life.  Love that shares the talents the Master has bestowed on them with everyone they contact.