Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sharing a Shiner with Jesus

Growing up in a Southern Baptist church I read a lot of scripture, study the bible and was lead to God through the doctrinal teaching of the church.  As a late teen and early adult, I strayed away from organized religion and looked for God and my purpose by turning inward to my soul. When I returned to organized religion I was drawn  to the Catholic Church and it's rich traditions and historic fondations of worship.

The quest to be become a better person has led me to read the works of master teachers of many religions. I find peace in the works of many  christian and nonchristian writers. I often think of the similiarities of many major religions.  Much of my personal growth and understanding of my role in the world comes from the teachings of many religions.

But, I am always drawn to the master teacher, Jesus. His teachings revolutionized the concept of religion through his simple statement of faith displayed by his acts of love and kindness toward others.  His concept of a loving, compassionate God who helped you grow into a loving, compassionate person by embracing your soul is my foundation of life.

Religion often gets into the hands of some crazy people. People who interpret "God's rules" and distort written words to explain their personal agendas. I have watched a lot of preachers, teachers and believers spend hours explaining a few sentences of a letter from an early christian, Paul, telling them how to worship, conduct business or establish a new church. I think if Paul had known how intently his personal letters might be scrutinized, he might have chosen his words a little more carefully.

I have read the bible a few times, and have studied it often. I remain committed to christianity because I cherish the "red letters." The teaching of Jesus. The simple thoughts that God is Love. He lives in us, and through us He spreads his Love to other souls on this planet. We are the vessels that Love inhabits. That is our purpose.

So my testimony to others is "stay on the coarse of love and compassion". Use those simple thoughts when you search for God.  Any commentary concerning God's will that strays from the simple message is useless in your own quest.

So, with my faith displayed for all to read, I present to you my humble thoughts. The thoughts of a poor old man who has walked a humble path. An old man who found that when Love is accepted and given as the master desired, souls join others, and walk together in peace and harmony.  

Many people who search for the meaning of life often find it to be simple and pure.  So grab you a Shiner and pull up a chair at the table of Love. Jesus and I have been expecting you.